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Rice Marketing - Our Work Process  - Engaging and building Customer Understanding


Building trust in a brand starts with building trust between our clients and ourselves, with a shared belief that we can deliver what’s required. We typically start by engaging with the business owner to understand the business’ needs and ambitions. We gain insight into what the brand means to them and other key stakeholders as consumers, rather than employees. We investigate the target market using existing research or by talking to those stakeholders who are closest to the consumer and we look for evidence of a brand that is or can be trusted.


Rice Marketing - Our Work Process  - Insipiring by finding unique selling points


We never start with the challenges faced by the business but will find the genuine point of difference for each brand. We are very honest and challenge existing pre-conceptions about the brand. We deal with difficult issues head-on by questioning assumptions and testing what feels right. We inspire project and management teams by going beyond the obvious and giving the business a boost, focus and plan for the future.


Rice Marketing - Our Work Process  - Development by expert customer research.


We take feedback from the team and incorporate any lessons from consumer research to create a plan. We apply our senior marketing experience to get to what works faster and will make the biggest impact. There is no nonsense or marketing fluff and our clients benefit from our senior involvement at all stages.


Rice Marketing - Our Work Process  - Deliver long term strategic plans


We create a blueprint for the long-term - a top level, pragmatic, strategic plan for the future with practical next steps. Over the last 9 years, this has resulted in some fantastic relationships and award-winning campaigns which have recognized genuine content.



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